Dorothy Williams

The Hearts of Palm by Leoma Lovegrove beautifully illustrates the spirit of charity.

Helen Berggren

Leona Lovegrove captures the spirit of Naples.

Dorothy Williams

Leoma’s love of community shines through in this illustration.

Denise Ciccotto

I buy a lot of Leoma Lovegroves shirts, pocketbooks, beach bags & towels, etc., for myself & others. I love them! The colors are gorgeous!

Linda Twohill

Who better than Leoma to show the vibrancy of community!

Mary Beth Eisman

Looking up the palm tree invokes the hearts’ aspiration, reaching up and out, spreading love.

Tammi Williams

Leoma’s art with vibrant colors always makes me happy…

Michelle Sanger

Leoma Lovegrove’s art always warms my heart. She is an amazing artist and truly captures the essence of Florida living!

Shar Robinson

Love this painting! Perfect image for cover of NCR magazine!

Judi Roth

Such unleashed talent in everything – pure joy !!!

Lesley Hylands

Good luck Leoma your painting is a perfect illustration of giving and it is beautiful!!

Lori La Medica

Hearts of Palm is by far the best choice to represent the community. Leoma Lovegrove is not only a great artist but a wonderful representative of the area. Her art work is free, happy and joyful. This particular work is brings us in to discover the town.

Sheila Weiss

Leona artistic ability is so colorful it makes u happy when seeing her pieces of art…

Ada Shissler

Whimsical, colorful, yet conveying the message of love and caring, Leoma has created another
memorable masterpiece. It also exemplifies her own unique artistic style.

Ginger Wierman

I like the double visual and play on words……
-the visual of the heart is important as charity is all about giving from the heart
-the food “heart of palm will feed an individual and charity feeds the community

Judy Bratton

Three great choices but Leoma Lovegrove captures the Naples/Southwest Florida vibe and vitality the best. In my opinion

Diane Shelton

I love the artwork by Leoma. I have many many article3s of her clothing line, and every time I wear it I get numerous compliments. I also have numerous pieces of her jewelry. The hearts of Palm truly represent Florida!

alan levine

The hearts ascending the Palms towards the very top and on to the heavenly blue sky evoke a spiritual feeling that is essential to the spirit of charity and community togetherness. The various shapes, designs, and sizes reflect the versatility of the artist, and the individuality of the approach needed to care for others. It provides the artistic beauty and message that are needed to fulfill the goal. presented to the artists.

Donna Sapp

Leoma has given us a wonderful display of colors and put them into our south florida life styles and made it all explode with fun, sunshine and FLORIDA. I love her attitude and attention to bringing the world back to LIFE………

Linda Roderick

Hearts of Palm truly reflects giving from the heart and the togetherness of hearts of the beautiful people in the community of Naples.

Pamela Nordick

The times I’ve visited Naples, have been inspired by love, trips full of emotion and heart. Leoma Lovegrove’s illustration captures the spirit of my experiences in Naples. Part of my heart will always be there, and Hearts of Palm is a perfect example of what makes Naples so special.

Diane Ward

Leoma Lovegrove’s Hearts of Palm.gives me a warm and happy feeling. Her art makes me smile every time I see it. She has captured the true feeling of charity.

Barbara Schmitt

Every time we come to visit our good friends in Punta Gorda we go to Leoma Lovegrove’s. I have some of her clothing and a print of her darling owl. I am sure we will go again on the next trip.

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