Four Roses, Five Decades

In and around Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, Al Young is a legend. He came to Four Roses in 1967 and has been there ever since. During his five-decade career he has served as production supervisor, distillery manager and (since 2007) as Brand…


If you’re craving some lighter fare this summer, download Forks Over Knives (forksoverknives.com/app) for inspiration on adding more veggies to your diet. The mobile app offers more than 300 vegetarian and vegan recipes, everything from quinoa curry bowls to Tuscan…

A Whole Lot More

Whole Foods Market in Naples recently debuted its new line of desserts from master chocolatier, Norman Love. “I’m so excited, they sold out of everything that [first] weekend,” says Love, founder of Norman…

Donelan Family Wines

Joe Donelan was a paper executive who believed in the power of reinvention. Like many successful people, he traveled in California and France and fell in love with wine---not wine by itself, but the culinary universe that accompanied it, along…

Etch Restaurant, Nashville

The conventional wisdom is that Nashville is the new Charleston, but there are differences. In Nashville, the frenzied pace of high-rise construction is obliterating what’s left of the historic downtown. Like Charleston, though, restaurants exist on one end of a…

It's a Poke, Mon!

Peruvians have their ceviche, Japanese their sashimi. In Hawaii, the iconic raw fish dish is “poke” (pronounced PO-kay or PO-kee), which means “chunked.”

Naples Olive Oil Company

  With a passion for understanding the complexities and benefits of olive oils and balsamic vinegars, Marie Heiland opened Naples Olive Oil Company about…

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