Going Out

Go to It

 Linda Harden shares a few of her go-to sources.

Fresh News

 Fresh ingredients star in two restaurants, one established, one new.

Maserati's SUV

The unveiling of Maserati's newest addition, the sport utility vehicle, Kubang.

Farrah Fawcett and Me

Finding a great hairdresser is as important as finding a doctor—and sometimes even more difficult. Bob and I were living in Southern California at least a zillion years ago when I found, through a number of referrals, the find of…

Return of the E-Type

The return of Jaguar's E-Type is giving Porsche a run for their money, and it's green.

Hurricane Alley

The latest news reminds us we must be informed and prepared for disaster.

Fitness Explosion

 There's no shortage of dining in Naples, so it follows that there's no shortage of fitness opportunities either.

Tasty News

 Wouldn’t you know it —I had this week’s blog planned, then along came big restaurant news, and I knew I had to get it out right away.

Brand New

Greetings to Naples Illustrated web readers from my brand new blog—Paradise Posts.  

Florida's Best Convertibles

The ballots have been cast and the votes tallied. See you claimed top billing in the SAMA Convertible of the Year Awards.

The Boss is back

Ford takes a page from the vintage playbook and brings back the Boss.

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