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Benovia Winery

The Legacy of Family

The landscape of Napa and Sonoma is littered with wineries that were once family-owned, independent and fiercely focused on quality. Over the past decade, many of those wineries were absorbed by the Jacksons and Foleys of this world. In most cases the scenario was the same: after decades of conscientious effort, the owners had achieved a measure of critical and…

Naples Nightlife – Specialty Bars

Beer snob? Wine connoisseur? Serious about your rum, whiskey, or tequila? We have a bar just for you.

The yin of vivacious, after-dark partying balances Naples’ light-side yang of beaches and sunshine. The area’s fluxing demographic of young professionals has sparked a burgeoning of after-work options and vitality, yet the beauty of Naples nightlife is its rich mix of ages, residents, snowbirds, and tourists. Here’s where to find the action. Craft Breweries Bone Hook Brewing Co. | Caronchi…

Flying Above the Clouds

Moet Hennessy Releases Ao Yun

When I first heard that Moët Hennessy was going to make a super-premium red wine in China, I was skeptical. Rumors began to surface six years ago that the company was seeking land in the foothills of the Himalayas to make a Bordeaux-style red that would be on a par with the great wines of the world. The vineyards chosen…