2 Comedians Coming to Naples

Comedy fans can catch Chad Prather December 10 to 13 and Brian Regan December 15 to 17 at the Off the Hook Comedy Club in Naples

Chad Prather

This month, Off the Hook Comedy Club will host multiple notable funnymen. Cowboy hat–clad comedian Chad Prather brings his fast-talking “Star Spangled Banter” act to Naples December 10-13. As evidenced on his newest album, Y’all Shut Up!, Prather combines musical flourishes with his natural knack for armchair philosophy and observational humor.

Next up is Brian Regan, December 15-17, who Vanity Fair has deemed the “funniest stand-up alive.” Beyond his breakneck touring schedule, Regan has also starred in numerous specials and shows, including his own Netflix series, Stand Up and Away! With Brian Regan.

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