3 Sport Gadgets to Better Your Game

Whether you’re looking to improve your golf game or tennis swing, or simply want to increase the odds of reeling in a big catch, technology has quickly become an ever-present coach in sports. Consider one of these high-tech devices to take your state of play to the next level.

The FishHunter Directional 3D ($250), a portable Wi-Fi–based device, shows anglers where to cast for maximum bites. With a 200-foot range and up to 160 feet of visibility below the surface, this pocket-sized device is easy to throw in your tackle box before setting out on a fishing trip. Once you download the app, toss your FishHunter into the water to get detailed views of what’s swimming around under the surface via four different screen views on your smartphone.

The Babolat Play Pure Drive tennis racket ($349) includes sensors built into the handle that send information to a companion smartphone app. They record stats on everything from the power of your serve to the number and type of strokes you made while on the court. Prefer wearable tech? Babolat’s new POP wristband ($90) tracks your stats with any racket.

Game Golf Live ($299), a shot-tracking device and app combination, features GPS and motion sensors to record every shot you make on the green—in real time. After attaching special tags to the ends of your clubs, simply tap the tags against a small sensor worn on your belt before each shot, and stats automatically sync to your smartphone so you can see how you performed and adjust right on the spot.

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