6 Healthy Tips for Holiday Parties

Local Registered Dietitian Kate Moran, RD, LDN shares her top tips on how to have a healthy day in preparation for holiday parties.

1. Start the day with breakfast. Power up with a nutrient-dense, fortifying meal comprised of carbohydrates and lean protein such as oatmeal with fresh berries and nut butter or eggs with vegetables and low-fat cheese. If you’re on the go, you don’t have the excuse to skip! Grab a Greek yogurt and apple on your way out the door.


2. Become snack savvy. Ensuring you have healthy snacks throughout the day can help from overeating later. If you go more than four hours between meals, try to have a snack of no more than 350 calories. Fresh pear with almond butter and hemp seeds, smoked salmon, mango avocado toast, or a vegetable, cheese, and hummus sandwich on whole-grain bread can do wonders for your appetite and waistline.



3. Hydrate preventively. Start your fluid intake when you wake up by drinking a glass of water and continue to have 8-16 ounces at meals and with snacks. When your body signals for thirst, don’t ignore it.

4. Eat mindfully. We’ve all gotten a little carried away when it comes to the endless buffet-style potlucks, traditional meals, and desserts during the holidays. Our eyes become in control of our eating habits! This year, take a step back and focus on what you are really craving. Consider portions and choose wisely if you go back for seconds. Remember, leftovers are a thing!

5. Choose vegetables first. They sometimes get placed on the back burner, but try to fill up on nutrient-rich vegetables such as sweet potatoes, Brussels sprouts, carrots, beets, and cauliflower. The different robust colors offer a variety of nutrients while fiber will aid in digestion and keep you satiated from fewer calories.

6. Drink responsibly. Festive happy hour cocktails, drinks at dinner, and toasting with family and friends can not only add up in calories and sugar but also lead to dehydration. The USDA 2015 Dietary Guidelines suggest up to one drink per day for women and two per day for men. Instead, focus on conversation and the holiday festivities.

Guest contributor Kate Moran, RD, LDN, lives in Naples and is the sports dietitian for the Minnesota Twins, based out of the Twins Academy in Fort Myers, and owner of The Educated Plate LLC. Follow Kate on Facebook and Twitter and find her blog here.

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