8 Wines to Pair with Turkey

For wine lovers, reaching for that prized bottle of Cabernet is practically a reflex on special occasions, but Thanksgiving is tricky. Turkey is not beef: The meat is more delicate and calls for a wine with less tannin. To please the range of personalities and palates at your holiday table, consider these pairings.

Wine to Pair with Turkey

WineFlavor ProfileBottle to Buy
 Pinot Noir Soft, silky and elegant Elk Cove, Oregon ($28)
 Viognier Peaches, pears and minerals Guigal Condrieu, Rhone Valley ($50)
 Rosé Dry and structured (south of France) or richly textured (California, Australia) Chateau de Trinquevedel, Tavel ($18)
 Beaujolais Vibrant fruit combined with depth and character Moulin-a-Vent, Chateau des Jacques, Jadot ($25)
 Riesling Off-dry and crisp, with balancing acidity Schloss Vollrads QBA ($18) or Kabinett ($24), Germany
 Gewürztraminer  Aromatic, floral, slightly sweet; can be carried over to dessert Zind-Humbrecht, Alsace ($24)
 Pinot Gris Full-bodied, slightly spicy Rex Hill, Oregon ($16)
 Tempranillo Ripe, exuberant berry fruit when young Artadi, Rioja ($15)


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