A Hurricane of Change

Here it is, the beginning of June already. There are lots of folks still in paradise, but the traffic has definitely subsided, and I can actually park within a few yards of the entrance to Publix instead of more than a block away. “Off season” does have its advantages.

This is also the time of year when the TV and radio weather people flutter with excitement about the start of hurricane season. Beginning in April, it’s like they have a countdown to June 1, and then feel the need to track every single blip of activity anywhere on the radar—it’s the highlight of their year. The newspapers are also stuffed with hurricane-preparedness information … it’s the same every year.

I realize that we who are brave enough to stay in this danger zone need to be reminded of what to do and what to have on hand and where to go. But it seems the media overdo their excitement about impending doom just a tad … but that’s just me.

Changes are happening fast and furiously around town, so let me bring you up to date on what I know. Another restaurant has bitten the dust. Absinthe, located in the Shoppes at Vanderbilt, did a disappearing act one recent night. Bob and I had only been there once or twice and did enjoy the food, but it was rather empty when we dined there. In talking to several folks who frequented the restaurant, its main business came from a late-night crowd and seemed to be a favorite.

Another business demise was that of the Pavilion Shoe Store on U.S. 41 in North Naples. I had never been in that store, but I know it was a favorite to many for years and years. The Pavilion Shoe Store is no more as of a couple of weeks ago

On the upside of things, Saint William Catholic Church is being transformed at breakneck speed. Each day I go by, something new has sprung up. At the rate the workers are going, I bet the new church will be done before the scheduled completion date.

Artist’s rendering of the new St. William Catholic Church (image: St. William Church)


Farther south on U.S. 41, the new Publix at Naples Plaza is also experiencing a flurry of activity. The new grocery store looks to be quite large—I have heard some rumors that it might have a second story. The entire plaza is getting a facelift and there are plans for a boating supply store to take the place of Books-A-Million. All should be done by October.

On U.S. 41 in Old Naples, ground has been broken for the new Robb & Stucky International store and bulldozers are making quick work of preparing the long vacant lot for a new building.

More news as it happens. Hard to believe it’s only June 1.


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