A. Jaron Fine Jewelry’s Tiny Sculptures

   The relationship between jewelry and wearer is one of the more intimate among the fashion and accessory world. Jewelry is steeped in sentiment and emotion representing bonds of love and hope; is passed down as heirlooms bridging generational gaps; and acts as Amanda Jaron portrait - A. Jaron Fine Jewelry - Naplesa form of expression, creating pops of style or leaving impressions of sophistication. Jewelry has become a part of the human experience, coveted and expressive, a representative form of social status, and a symbolic gesture of eternity. Jewelry designer Amanda Jaron (right) understands the complexities and romanticism jewelry can represent. Her jewelry is not merely another trinket in a box, but an emotional accessory worn proudly. A. Jaron Fine Jewelry is different that way.

    “It is amazing how these tiny little sculptures move people,” says Jaron, whom we meet in her studio/gallery. Located on Tamiami Trail across from  Waterside Shops, Jaron’s studio finds a happy medium of being hidden while in plain sight. This is liberating because people who seek out Jaron are in the market for her jewelry. “It frees me up as an artist, not trying to sell my stuff,” says Jaron, who is as comfortable behind the display counter as she is designing a new collection at her cluttered desk. “It is selfish because I am making what I want to make, but people seem to respond to it; it’s satisfying.”

   Jaron is a rare bird in the jewelry world, where too often the name of the game is to move as much product as possible, regardless if a piece is cheaply made, or carries a hefty price tag although it looks generic. In turn, Jaron is a prisoner of design, of sculpting, of creating something new and different. Her foray into jewelry design came long before starting her eponymous line and settling in Naples (her “quiet little paradise”) with her husband and twins in 2004.

   After college Jaron, a Florida native, took off for the Big Apple and worked for fashion powerhouse Givenchy and Tommy Hilfiger, as well as Nine West and Jones New York, before testing her mettle at retail magnate AVON. 18K gold cuff - A. Jaron Fine JewelryAs lead designer at AVON, Jaron was creating jewelry for a company that did over $300 million in sales per year, from jewelry that rarely, if ever, cost more than $30. “It is much harder to design with $10 and make it look like it is $100. Anyone can take a diamond and gold and make it look great; it takes a lot more work and skill to do the same thing with silver and crystal,” muses Jaron, who has taken that knack for style and design-driven jewelry to her own line. “My jewelry is about design, not expense.”

   Taking her talents south after her twins were born, Jaron continues her heavily stylized designs, specializing in custom jewelry as well as collections that range from fine jewelry made with 18-karat gold and precious gems to more accessible pieces using sterling silver and semiprecious stones. Her style touches on vintage appeal, contemporary design and a dash of the sophisticate, giving her jewelry a range that has the ability to reach just about anyone. Her jewelry is universal, but not generic, and is created with the wearer in mind, yet still with the selfishness that is inherent in all artists. “These tiny sculptures are made to leave me, they are for someone else. But they are still apart of me, I made them, created them.”

   The connection and passion Jaron has for her craft is what attracts clients to her studio time and time again. Part studio part gallery, the space is where A. Jaron Fine Jewelry studio/gallery - Naples - Jewelry designer Amanda JaronA. Jaron Fine Jewelry is created, be it a solo project for a new collection or collaborating with a client to create a piece that will not only incorporate design-driven styling, but also add a personal touch that goes beyond molded metal and precisely cut stones.

   “I believe the process of design is equal to that of making it and wearing it, “ says Jaron. “So I think it is important for the wearer to be in on the design process.” This belief is what sets Jaron apart from most designers. She welcomes clients into the studio, pops open a bottle of wine, and they get down to design, working with each other to design something truly special and personal. “Inspiration comes from the people themselves.”

      In addition to custom work, Jaron creates two collections a year, one affordable and one over-the-top in 18-karat gold. Both play off one another, with common design themes making the collections seamless. The Atelier series includes fun, contemporary cocktail pieces, where big and bold is often an understatement: “it’s never too big, never too much.” And the price point varies, making it accessible, which is something of a rarity in Naples. “There is this quiet wealth here, and everything seems to be catered toward that while the working middle class seems to be forgotten or overlooked at times. So I try to hit a fair price with a lot of my jewelry.”

A. Jaron Fine Jewelry - Atliers Collection, Fine Jewelry Collection - flower common thread

   Flowers play a common thread throughout many of Jaron’s pieces, giving a youthful, eternal spring feel, while whimsical design adds levity to others. The Rocks to Buy Baby collection is perfect for expecting mothers and grandmothers, with charms and birthstone pieces, as well as collection of baby’s first bling. Her fine jewelry is effortless and translatable, perfect as an everyday piece or for that special occasion. Her popular Cupcake and Candy Bar rings, ranging from $100 to $425, have created a community of wearers, and it is something Jaron has gone on to translate into a way of giving back to the community. During October, portions of sales on her Cupcake and Candy Bar rings go to the American Cancer Society. Caviar necklaces - A. Jaron Fine JewelryAnd as a mother, education has become a primary concern for Jaron, not only for her own children but also for the community as a whole, leading her to the Education Foundation of Collier County. Jaron, with the help of the children in the Take Stock in Children program, designed and made the Take Stock signature ornament as part of the Community Service Workshop. Available for $25, the proceeds go toward the Education Foundation’s mission of “engaging our community and schools in pursuit of a quality education of every child.”

   The design of Jaron’s “tiny sculptures” continues to go beyond the simplicity of accessories and aesthetics. A. Jaron Fine Jewelry not only marks new traditions, it also serves to strengthen the community as a whole, a notion Jaron puts to words best: “It is amazing how jewelry can connect people.”


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