A Nomad’s Journal



Travel journalist and fellow nomad Paul Rubio guest-blogs this week on Worldview, sharing some of his favorite places on the planet. Every day will feature a new destination … Enjoy!  —Daphne Nikolopoulos




Ascending Towards the North Pole — For the 2,572 brave souls residing in the endless white terrain on the periphery of the North Pole life is a daily exhilarating adventure. These remote islands, called the Norwegian Svalbard Islands (above), are together the size of Ireland, and teem with robust populations of polar bears, Arctic foxes, and the majestic Svalbard reindeer, a bovid that bears more semblances to a creature from Star Wars than cousin Rudolph. Modern comforts are confined to the few short streets in Longyearbyen, capital of the Svalbard Islands, where the Radisson Blue Polar Hotel Spitsbergen welcomes curious and intrepid travelers. Days are filled with guide-led sojourns through the permafrost on sturdy snow scooters, facilitating complete immersion into this polar extreme.


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