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Travel journalist and fellow nomad Paul Rubio guest-blogs this week on Worldview, sharing some of his favorite places on the planet. Every day will feature a new destination … Enjoy! —D.N.


iguazu falls




Iguazu Falls – Deep in the southern hemisphere at the crossroads of Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil, the world’s widest waterfalls, Iguazu Falls, mercilessly beat the earth with a water flow in excess of 500,000 gallons per second to produce a stunning panorama that stimulates both body and soul. Merging the power and strength of 275 waterfalls across a width of 1.67 miles, Iguazu impresses with its thunderous crash of rushing waters, the acute whip of residual mist, and the juxtaposition of rainbows across a visible mile. The exceptional tourist infrastructure on both the Brazilian and Argentinean sides of the falls permits visitors to experience Iguazu at all angles, positions, and vantage points.



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