A Perfect Day

   Of course every day is perfect here—how can you miss when paradise is home? But more often than not, a certain day will stand out as exceptional, and that day for me was Wednesday, September 14.

   First thing was some time on the treadmill—I have not visited that piece of equipment in a good long time, but felt a little extra calorie burn could not hurt as I knew what was coming later on. Then, I made a quick trip to Whole Foods. I love everything about Whole Foods, from the freshly ground almond butter to the juice bar to the fresh soup and salad stations, and on and on.

   Next Bob and I were off to attend the media luncheon at the brand new Agave Southwestern Grill on Vanderbilt Beach Road. We were warmly greeted by a host of friendly staff—one particular waiter caught my eye as he headed towards me, loaded down with an impressive selection of margaritas. My day was already fabulous, but now, with a strawberry basil margarita in hand, I was in heaven—and it was only 12:05. 

   Wait staff seemed to be everywhere and armed with a variety of appetizers. Bob was a happy human, as he tasted shrimp and chicken quesadillas, a multitude of ceviche combinations and hand-pattied buffalo burgers—wow. As a vegan, I knew I would be a bit more challenged, until I saw the guacamole stations. I love guacamole. Before me stood an adorable person ready to make guacamole any way I wanted it—garlic, cilantro, lime, onions, jalapeño—bring it on. Bob and I found a comfortable booth where we planted our margaritas and feasted on the freshest tortilla chips and absolutely the best guacamole I have ever had. And just when I thought the day could not get any better, the next waiter brought out my all-time favorite—black bean soup, which was delicious. Bob and I were officially stuffed.

   My next stop was ncolor {salon + boutique2} to have my hair and makeup done in preparation for the evening’s festivities. I will elaborate in an upcoming blog just how wonderful owner and master colorist Gary Harlan is—how he and his staff make me feel like royalty every time I visit. Wednesday was no exception. Gary did miracles with my hair. Meggan Bradley, makeup artist extraordinaire, worked wonders with my face I never dreamed possible. I hated, hated, hated having to wash my face that night. Meggan is the most talented makeup artist I have ever seen.

   The grand finale for this perfect day was back to Agave Southwestern Grill for the VIP Celebration. Nirvana. Again, the margaritas were flowing—even some with cucumber—but this time I went for the red wine, a Malbec. It is never good for me when wine tastes that good. It was and the glasses kept on coming. Truly a great party. And, as at lunch, fabulous food was everywhere—only this time there was even more of it. We finally had the chance to try the unique salsa served with those wonderful chips, plus more guacamole. What on earth could possibly be better than chips, salsa, guacamole, black bean soup, wine and margaritas—all experienced in this charming new restaurant created by Don and Angela Smith. Agave will most definitely be a sought-after destination, adding a real spark to the Paradise Coast.


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