Air Time with Jennifer Johnson

On her podcast, The Fashionista Life, the Naples local discusses interior design, beauty, parenting, and finances

For Jennifer Johnson piece Courtesy of Samantha Bloom Oh Snap! Photography
Courtesy of Samantha Bloom of Oh Snap! Photography

Jennifer Johnson likes to talk. “I’m all about connecting and public speaking,” she explains, sharing that before podcasts were a thing, she hosted a radio show. Since launching The Fashionista Life podcast in July 2022, Johnson has already recorded 20 episodes, discussing such topics as interior design, beauty, parenting, and finances. 

Johnson is the owner and founder of Florida’s largest lifestyle consignment store, True Fashionistas, located in the Galleria Shoppes in North Naples. Along with her husband, Brad, she opened the store in 2011 and quickly grew it to a more than 13,000-square-foot consignment store with online sales. 

The motivation for her podcast was born from her desire to connect with her loyal customers and from her belief that “the spoken word is more relatable and connectable.” She also comments that podcasts are easier than blogs and radio to reach people because they are on-demand programs that people choose to listen to; they actively seek them out. Her topics are primarily aimed at women. She loves to share business advice and inspirational stories and says she’s embarking on another project: virtual business courses to help other aspiring female business owners realize their dreams. 

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