Alan James, 2016 Super Man

Photo by Vanessa Rogers.

Many partygoers in Naples have grooved to the tunes of Alan James and The Powerhouse Band at charity fundraisers each season. James, the London-born president and founder of The Powerhouse Group, has been in the entertainment industry for more than 40 years, playing and producing events in 30-plus countries. Plenty of famous names pop up in James’ story. His career includes years of working alongside Roy Orbison, and as a young musician in London, he became in demand as a rock guitarist on the club circuit that featured then up-and-comers Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, and Jimmy Page. While James and wife Jessica contribute to many nonprofits, they are especially passionate about animals, with eight cats and two lovebirds. They volunteer at the Naples Cat Alliance cleaning litter boxes, washing floors, and tending to animals that need any attention. Other nonprofits James supports include Humane Society Naples and the Garden of Hope and Courage.

One of my greatest moments was performing on the deck of the aircraft carrier USS Forrestal in Athens, Greece, to 5,000 sailors returning home from the Vietnam War.

Personal style: Hip, and anything that makes me look 25 again.

Why Naples: I travel extensively to many exotic locations, but I can’t wait to get back to the charm and beauty here.

Surprising fact: Bowling’s not cool, but I love it. I bowled with Roger Moore when I was a kid. He was filming a James Bond movie in my town and was in the next alley. I said, “Hey, Mr. Bond, do you want to play a game?” so we played a couple of games together. How many people can say they’ve bowled with James Bond? I actually won, too!

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