All That Glitters

Celebrate National Jewel Day with in vogue treasures from Provident Jewelry

National Jewel Day is March 13, an apropos time to ask Jarred Kaplan, managing partner of Provident Jewelry, about what’s hot—and what’s not.

Diamonds are still a girl’s best friend, particularly in blue, pink, or a strand of many. Fancy blue diamonds are in demand, while pinks remain as popular as ever. From blueberry to glittering azure to dark grey (think: Hope Diamond), natural blue diamonds are rare, the result of trace amounts of boron.

Blue diamonds are second only to red, with a buy-in of $500,000 for a “reasonably sized” one. Last year, a $6.7 million blue diamond ring fetched the highest bid during Christie’s New York Magnificent Jewels auction. In 2015, the 12.03-carat Blue Moon of Josephine became the most expensive diamond or jewel ever sold at auction at $48.4 million.

Because blue is on fire, it’s no surprise that blue sapphires from Burma and Cashmere are in high demand, too. “Blue is a very calming color,” Kaplan says. “Blue gives you that relaxed, pleasant feeling, like looking at the ocean.”

Tennis bracelets have come back in the form of a tennis necklace—a continuous set of 100 to 200 diamonds. Even Kaplan seems awed that he sells a dozen each month in season. “We’re now referring to them as a diamond chain,” he notes. “A tennis necklace was previously worn to high-end events or unique functions. Now they’re wearing them every day—even literally to play tennis.”

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