Amy Art Debuts in the Naples Design District

Artist Amy Moglia Heuerman opened a local studio and showroom on Tenth Street South to showcase her large-scale abstract seascapes

Artist Amy Moglia Heuerman

Artist Amy Moglia Heuerman has opened a local studio and showroom, called Amy Art, on Tenth Street South in the Naples Design District. Heuerman rose to prominence as an illustrator for children’s books, games, puzzles, and toys, all under the umbrella of her Bear Hug Designs company. She moved to Naples in 2013 and today creates large-scale abstract seascapes.

Mother of Pearl, Amy Moglia Heuerman
Mother of Pearl

Her impact on the Southwest Florida art scene is visible across the area. In addition to painting a 30-foot garden mural in the children’s reading room at Guadalupe Center, she often donates works to nonprofit fundraising auctions and was a featured artist for the 2019 Artis—Naples studio tour. Heuerman is represented by Emillions Art in downtown Naples. 

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