Barefoot and Loving It

kamalame cay

Kamalame Cay, the Bahaman getaway where you can kick off your shoes and be pampered island-style, has a few new things to offer.

   For starters, there is a new deep-water marina and a new Sunset Bar, both of which are bound to be popular with boaters. The beachfront cottages have had some amenity upgrades, and there is a new addition to the menu: lionfish. The beautiful but predatory marine creatures are dangerous to reefs so major efforts are being undertaken to eliminate them. The problem is, they proliferate so quickly that the task is not easy.

   Hey, if you can’t beat them, eat them.

   Some of the menu items that incorporate lionfish include lionfish ravioli and ceviche. In January, we’re told, there will even be a five-course tasting menu. This is definitely part of the solution: save the reefs while providing a new taste experience (lionfish is actually yummy).

   The gift shop also has been stocked with new items, including board shorts from Florida’s very own Amanda Boalt, who designs the Strong Boalt line of men’s trunks. Through the new ‘Barefoot’ offer, rates start at $350 a night.

kamalame spa

The over-the-water spa.


kamalame cay

A Kamalame bedroom

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