Beach Birthday or Bust

A mother and daughter create an elegant beachside scene for a special birthday celebration

Jasmin, Nika, and Hoda Kemp
Jasmin, Nika, and Hoda Kemp

During the winter holiday season, on the morning of her daughter Nika’s seventeenth birthday, Hoda Kemp woke up to an alarming email stating the reservations for Nika’s party had been cancelled due to COVID-19 reasons. Despite the last-minute news, Hoda and her 21 year-old daughter Jasmin knew they wanted to scramble to create a unique celebration for Nika.

The task of planning a special birthday party quickly proved to be difficult, as strong red tide and rain put a damper on their hopes for a socially distanced picnic party. As they were about to put their efforts to rest and tell Nika the disappointing news, they instead decided to give the luxury picnic party a go.

When they arrived at Third Avenue South beach, the sky had cleared, the red tide disappeared, and the clouds broke way for a rainbow and breathtaking sunset.

Nika’s birthday picnic was no ordinary blanket and basket setup. Hoda and Jasmin created an elegant scene, showcasing Nika on her special day. “We just stayed positive and remembered why we’re doing what we are doing, creating something special,” says Hoda, who used flowers and candles for ambiance. With care and determination, along with a creative eye, we can make something wonderful, no matter the circumstances.

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