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Linda Roberts, Therapy Systems, The Cosmetic Market & Private Edition Beauty StoresBeauty expert and part-time Neapolitan Linda Roberts has been bringing exclusive high-end products to her clientele for more than a quarter of a century.

As a beauty consumer, the Nashville native always sought the best new products, but was often disappointed by the dearth of prestigious offerings within her hometown. So in 1981 she established her own beauty business, beginning with a small cosmetics counter in an upscale boutique.

Roberts’ retail lines and stores expanded to include five stores in Tennessee, a thriving online business and a growing line of products. The Therapy Systems skin-care line has achieved cult-like status with fans in her home state and in Naples, as well as with celebrities. Therapy Systems’ active products—cleansers, toners, eye creams, renewing and retexturizing treatments, and more—deliver results. “Our best byline: Everybody needs a little Therapy, and it’s really true,” Roberts says.

For three decades, Roberts has spent winter in Naples. She now has a home in a high-rise on the beach across from The Village on Venetian Bay. While in Naples, she plays golf, socializes with many friends while continuing to manage her business.

She enjoys the casual elegance that characterizes Naples, but has no plans to open a store here. “I am working 24/7 anyway,” she says. “I’m afraid if I have a store here, I have to plan being able to walkTherapy Systems Cellular Repair out on the beach, and I can see it. A store here would ruin my life,” she says.

“I do have a lot of clients down here, [who buy online]. I do a lot of speaking and things … I would love to see that grow. I really deal with a lot of women’s issues. I feel like I can make a difference this community without opening a store here.”

Roberts recommends using Therapy Systems skin-care products because they are active, with agents like glycolic acid. “If you are not using anything active, you’ve got to,” she says. Her best-sellers include an intensive eye repair to use at night. In Southwest Florida, she says, everyone should use the Cellular Retinol cream P.M., a combo of retinol and glycolic. “It won’t tear you up. … Everyone who uses this product every night, with very few exceptions, unless someone has rosacea or a skin disease, it will make the biggest difference in skin for people down here. Because with the sun, people know to use a sunblock. But they don’t realize, even in January, February, March, how intense the sunTherapy Systems Sheer Pink Blush is. Even with a hat the sun reflects up. So you get discoloration around the chin and jaw.

“If they use Retin A, even with a sunblock, their skin is sensitized. When they use the nighttime product every night, that combination of retinol and glycolic acid … If you use that every night and use sunblock every day, you are going to have amazing skin.”

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