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USS Nemo Undersea Cuisine & Adventures

Naples Illustrated's Dining Awards - Best Seafood - USS Nemo Undersea Cuisine & Adventures - Halibut

Whether you arrive for lunch or dinner, USS Nemo (239-261-6366) submerges you in an “under da sea” experience that starts with a tasteful submarine-themed decor and continues with an ultra-creative menu of briny specialties. The signature miso broiled sea bass languishes in a citrus-ginger butter sauce. Dishes such as blackened tandoori fish, tuna foie gras “Wellington,” lobster pappardelle, and ginger steamed fish showcase global influences.


Honorable Mention
The Local

Like everything it plates, The Local (239-596-3276) sources its seafood locally. The clams in one pasta dish originate in Pine Island; the shrimp on the flatbread and the blackened catch of the day on the fish taco, from the Gulf.


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