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Ed and Caroline Cederquist - BistroMD - nutritious diet food deliveredA Naples couple has made healthy eating as easy as ordering takeout. Ed and Caroline Cederquist, M.D. (right), launched BistroMD in 2005, now a nationwide meal-delivery service that takes the prep and guesswork out of eating fresh, flavorful and nutritious food.  As an expert in bariatrics and weight management, Caroline Cederquist knows that getting the proper mix of protein, carbohydrates and fat at every meal can be a challenge.

   BistroMD offers a broad selection of customized dishes using fresh, seasonal ingredients for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The meals are frozen and delivered weekly to your doorstep anywhere in the United States—simply heat and eat. Every recipe is developed by chefs with the guidance of registered dieticians and taste-tested by Ed, the company foodie. Members also have access to exercise plans and advice from dieticians. While the focus is healthy eating, the BistroMD plan does make room for a little indulgence. Low-fat, sugar-free cheesecakes, available in four flavors, are a hit with members.

BistroMD - Diet Meals Delivered to your home - Chicken stuffed with feta and spinach

Chicken stuffed with feta and spinach, served with pomodoro sauce.

   “Once our cheesecakes went out of stock. Members turned to Facebook to jokingly revolt over their disappearance,” Caroline says (below). “While it was all in good fun, we learned pretty quickly that we can never have too many on hand.”

Blueberry Cheesecake - BistroMD - diet food delivered

BistroMD - Crepes with mushrooms and chicken

Chicken and mushroom crepes

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