Boot Camp gets the heart pumping

One of the latest fitness crazes has been taking participants back to basic training. Fitness boot camps have sprouted up all along Southwest Florida, whipping people into shape one intense workout at a time. Palm Beach County Boot Camp

   Pulling a page from the U.S. Armed Forces’ basic training manual, fitness boot camps are designed to garner maximum workout within a group setting. Groups develop a sense of camaraderie over time—it’s a great way to meet new, like-minded people, get encouragement and a helping hand when stumbling, and revive your sense of competition when someone breezes by you in a 100-yard sprint. It’s all about motivation through competition. And the beauty of boot camp is the improvisational nature of the class; no single class is ever the same.

Boot Camp - fitness  Bo’s Fitness Camp, which operates out of Fleischmann Park, is the perfect example of how staying fit is not dependent on a gym membership. The outdoor fitness and conditioning “camp” led by Robert Crosby is designed to be an all-inclusive workout experience, with people of all fitness levels working out side-by-side, pushing and encouraging each other along the way. Gold Certified by the American Council on Exercise, Bo’s Fitness Camp focuses on cardiovascular workouts, calisthenics, and strength training routines with mobile equipment like kettle bells, medicine balls, Power Wheels, and isometric resistance bands, just to name a few. A complete body workout, boot camp fitness routine works on the core (especially the abdominals), targeted muscle groups with specific workout routines, and cardiovascular endurance. Classes run Monday through Friday at 6 and 8:30 a.m., and costs $25 per class—drop ins are welcome. For a complete schedule of what Bo’s Fitness will be targeting, and to register for a class, click here.

North Palm Beach Adventure Boot Camp  Naples Adventure Boot Camp is an all-woman boot camp led by coach Natalie Lahnan. Capitalizing on Southwest Florida’s perpetual sunny clime, Lahnan holds class outdoors, escaping from the stogy indoor gym setting in Naples, Marco Island, and Fort Myers. Utilizing natural and man-made implements in the workouts, as well as workout accessories and equipment, an hour at boot camp may have you use a bench as a platform for push-ups one day, a hand rail as an assist for squats on another, all while running your heart out in-between stations. Lahnan’s program lasts four weeks for a total of 12, one-hour sessions (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at either 5:30 or 8:30 a.m.), promising that participants will leave more fit and toned, as well as get a boost of confidence to boot. Welcoming all takers, from beginners to experienced fitness queens, no one will be left behind or go home unchallenged. The four-week course costs $199; click here to see when the next round of workout sessions are scheduled.

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