Casting the Net

Hogfish Harry’s spotlights new and unique flavors

Photo credit: Caronchi Photography

“Many people confuse hogfish with hog snapper,” says Everett Fromm, executive chef at the new Hogfish Harry’s at Parkshore Resort. “It’s actually part of the wrasse family. It’s sweeter than mahi and as flaky as cod.” To create the menu’s namesake dish, Fromm first seasons the fish with paprika, salt, and white pepper. After grilling, the filet is placed on a bed of bamboo rice (green in color from the chlorophyll in young bamboo plants), and served with caramelized baby carrots in a reduction of fresh ginger and pineapple. “We want the ingredients to be the stars of each dish,” says Fromm. “Our mission is to tease customers’ palates and introduce them to things they may not have tried or even heard of.” 

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