Celebs + Luminaries

Q&A with Actor Bill Engvall

Comedian Bill Engvall talks growing up, film, and inspiration for that next bit.

Fishing with a Legend: Roland Martin

A day on the water with one of the biggest names in professional fishing, Naples’ own Roland Martin.

Robin Cook On Finding His Niche as a Writer

The master of the medical thriller talks about his career challenges and successes and what he’s cooking up for Naples.

Flower Power: Q&A with Mario Buatta

Interior design legend Mario Buatta discusses clients, trends, and his signature “Undecorated Look.”

How Jay and Patty Baker Are Raising the Bar in Philanthropy

On the heels of numerous multimillion dollar gifts, the philanthropic couple steps up once again to help transform Naples.

Sense of Place: Elizabeth Star

Naples philanthropist Elizabeth Star shares her personal faves.

Cracking Up: Q&A with Kathleen Madigan

Comedienne Kathleen Madigan talks embarrassing moments, sense of humor, and downtime.

Science of Happiness: Q&A with Shawn Achor

We spoke with positive psychologist Shawn Achor about the science of happiness and how to live in a positive reality.

Carving a Niche: Three Local Sculptors Share Their Passion for Art

Meet three accomplished Neapolitan artists who share one thing in common: their love for sculpting.

Sense of Place: Brenda Melton

Naples resident and founder of the Celebrity Martini Glass Auction Brenda Melton shares her favorite local spots.