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Mercedes-Benz’ C-Class Coupe

The coupe world just got a little classier.

Top 10 Travel Products, #9

#9 - Prada has the perfect way to dress up your iPad.

Top 10 Travel Products, #8

#8 - Of all the totes out there, the hands-down most wanted is the Goyard Saint Louis.

Top 10 Travel Products, #7

#7 - Smythson, my favorite leather goods maker, has the ultimate passport cover for both style and function.

Ferrari’s New Hatchback

 Hell is about to freezeth over. Ferrari, purveyor of spine-tingling, red-mist excitement, is not only about to unveil a hatchback, but one with four-wheel drive. What’s next, a Formula 1 minivan?

Top 10 Travel Products, #6

#6 - These Chantecaille brushes feel super-luxurious, but their true beauty is the convenient handle size, which is just right for a girl on the go.

The Yellow Phantom

Beverly Hills couturier/perfumier Bijan is working with Rolls-Royce in England to create a limited edition of 30 highly bespoke Rolls-Royce Phantom models, all of which will be painted – and trimmed – in his trademark shade of acid yellow.

Porsche’s Detroit Dream Machine

Just back from the frozen tundra that’s Detroit, and still salivating at the vision of Porsche’s breathtaking new 918 RSR concept that was the undoubted star of this year’s auto show.

Top 10 Travel Products, #5

#5 - If you like all things preppy but appreciate a modern look and feel and great construction, this laptop sleeve by Ame & Lulu has your name on it. Certainly does mine!  

Top 10 Travel Products, #4

#4 - As far as jewelry cases go, this one is tops. Clos-ette's Travel Jewelry Case works overtime to protect and display jewels, and it's pretty chic too.