Charlene DeLuca, M.D., P.A.

If Dr. Charlene DeLuca had a spirit animal, it would be a mother grizzly bear. Tenacious and tender, Dr. DeLuca believes in treating others with benevolence. “Always be kind,” she says. “Everyone you meet is fighting a battle.”

Dr. DeLuca completed her medical residency and sports medicine fellowship at Brown University, where she was team physician for the Bruins Hockey organization. She relocated to northern Virginia, where she worked as a
physician for the FBI, as well as other government agencies. She moved to Naples and in 2014, after eight years as a
hospitalist, launched her own concierge practice specializing in internal medicine and sports medicine

Dr. DeLuca’s patients range from early 40s to active seniors, and her concierge practice affords her the opportunity to provide more personalized care. Now, she’s teaming up with other health and fitness professionals to help provide her patients with fitness and nutrition guidance, as well as life coaching. In her spare time, she has supported local charities such as The Humane Society and Charity for Change.

Charlene DeLuca, M.D., P.A.
130 9th Street North, Suite 110 | Naples
239-331-3222 |

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