Charlene T. Deluca, M.D.

Dr. Charlene DeLuca is a concierge physician who completed her residency training in internal medicine and her fellowship training in primary care sports medicine at Brown University. She is traditionally trained but also applies the principles of functional medicine  which looks to identify and address the root cause of disease—to her practice.

She has been practicing in Naples since 2006 and has experience working in both hospital systems as a hospitalist. She has since transitioned to concierge medicine, which grants her the ability to offer more personalized care by limiting the number of patients she takes on. Her patients pay an annual fee for her concierge medicine practice, which includes extended services that are outlined on her website. It also covers facilitated access by
office, cell phone, and e-mail, as well as same-day appointments when needed. The relationships she formed during her hospitalist years have proven to be extremely valuable to her concierge practice for many reasons. However, the greatest asset she can
offer her patients is that of peace of mind, which she has been told is priceless.

DeLuca recently started a local nonprofit 501(c) (3) called H.E.L.L.P., which addresses mental health and suicide awareness and prevention. This project has been close to her heart and years in the making. It will be a combined effort with other mental
health organizations and professionals, many of whom have had experience with depression and/or suicide either personally or indirectly because, sadly, everyone has been affected in some way at some time. She is hoping to ramp up a campaign in Naples to help break the stigma by talking about depression and emphasizing to the public that it is a disease just like diabetes or heart disease.

Charlene T. DeLuca, M.D.
130 Ninth Street North, Suite 110 | Naples
239-331-3222 |

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