Cracked & Shelled

Celebrate the Start of Stone Crab Season at Truluck’s

TLKS_StoneCrabTruluck’s is synonymous with stone crab, and for good reason: From October 15 to May 1, the Naples location alone serves nearly 200 pounds each night. The crabs are boiled in sea water, cracked, presented on a bed of ice, and garnished with a specialty mustard sauce. “The beauty of stone crab is that it’s a 100-percent sustainable product,” says developmental chef and partner Samir “Sammy” Canaan, who has been with Truluck’s for 13 years. “Our independent crabbers never kill the crabs; they take only one claw and put them back in the water to regenerate. They’re never frozen—we only serve them in season when they’re out of the water for less than 24 hours.”

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