Cristina Sciavolino-Day, M.D.

At a time when doctors feel pressured by insurance companies to increase their daily patient visits and follow strict documentation guidelines (which leaves less time to see and diagnose patients), many are leaving their posts at traditional medical institutions to pursue concierge medicine. By taking insurance companies out of the equation, practitioners like Dr. Cristina Sciavolino-Day are able to provide more personalized care.

At her concierge office, patients pay an annual, one-time fee that covers unlimited doctor’s appointments and services (contact the office for a complete list), lab work and mammograms are sent to preferred sites and covered by health insurance). She also provides video consultations with seasonal and out-oftown patients. As an internist, Dr. Sciavolino-Day offers primary care and treats myriad conditions like diabetes, osteoporosis, arthritis, and more. It’s only when patients require more specialized care or treatments that they’re sent to a hospital or specialist. “I’ve been in this town for over 20 years, so I’ve gotten to know most of the specialists,” she says. “It really helps to facilitate getting any type of consult done and by sharing patients, we can discuss how they’re doing.”

Additional benefits include longer appointments while patients are encouraged to call her anytime. “I’m practicing the way I would want to have things done if I were a patient,” she says. After she completed her medical residency at Staten Island University Hospital, the board-certified physician moved to Naples and worked for various medical groups and urgent care facilities before she opened her eponymous practice in January 2017. While her patients are either healthy or have pre-existing conditions, Dr. Sciavolino-Day takes a proactive approach in order to diagnose disease early on. She recommends patients get a heart score, a simple test that predicts the risk of a heart attack. But time is the greatest service she gives. She remembers a recent interview with a new patient who said, “I feel like people my age don’t matter. They [doctors] only spend a few minutes with you these days.” I explained to her that it wasn’t her, it’s the way that medicine is now,” says Dr. Sciavolino-Day. “I’m so happy she signed on because I want to change her mind.

Cristina Sciavolino-Day, M.D.
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