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Candice Olson - Interior Designer and Author - Robb & Stucky International - Everyday EleganceRenowned interior designer, author and TV show host Candice Olson has several lines of home decor: furniture, fabrics, lighting, rugs and wall coverings. Robb & Stucky International’s Naples showroom carries many Olson’s designs, so Neapolitans can create an Olson-inspired classic look. The Toronto-based designer shared her upcoming new products and decorating tips with


Do you have any books or other new projects in the works now?

My sixth book, Everyday Elegance, has just been released in bookstores. I am also expanding my existing collections of furniture, fabrics, rugs, wall art, lighting and wallpaper. Every year we collaborate with design teams to find new finishes and techniques that offer creative solutions for designers and their clients.


To give you a sneak peek into our newly developed products, here are my favorite new upcoming trends:

1. Glint: I’m liking warmer metal finishes like gold and brass, but with the bright edge taken off by hand finishing. I design a line of furniture and lighting where I’ve created a metal finish that I call Glint, which is the perfect middle ground between silver and gold.

2. Lavender is the new grey.

   Tip: It marries beautifully with the smoky blue-grey walls.

3. Adorned, embellished and exotic walls.

   Foil-backed grass cloth, computer-generated macro-murals, wallpaper that’s made with crystals, glass beads or mother-of-pearl take walls from everyday to extraordinary.


Candice Olson - Robb & Stucky International

4. Large-scale painterly patterns.

   From florals and damasks to stripes and modern geometrics, think blurred watercolor-inspired, almost abstract takes on traditional faves. I’m working on my next fabric line with Kravet, and this trend will be at the forefront.

5. Double-Duty Design.

   I’m currently working on a collection of furniture pieces that offer the end user several design solutions, which I’m calling Double-Duty Design. A prime example of double-duty design is our recent introduction of a stackable, bunch-able table collection by Highland House that we call Links. The concept sounds so simple, but these Links tables can be so many things: cocktail tables, etageres, bookcases and consoles. They offer many solutions!


Light Advice
“I think too often people underestimate the value of good lighting,” says Candice Olson. “It doesn’t matter how much time and energy or money is spent on a home, without good lighting it’s all a waste. Good lighting means layers of lighting,” she says. Some tips:

  • Add overhead lighting positioned to highlight beautiful features in the room, like a fireplace, a textured wall or art.
  • Lower-level lighting such as sconces and table lamps are important to add warmth and a sense of intimacy to a space.
  • Lastly, every light source should be on a dimmer, which allows you to adjust the ambiance and mood of a space.

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