Local Restaurants Share Deviled Egg Recipes

Photo by Michael Caronchi

Easter without dyed eggs is like Christmas without cookies. But what to do with all those hard-boiled eggs once the Easter Bunny has hippity-hopped on down the trail. Turn to local restaurant menus for ideas on whipping up uncommonly detailed deviled eggs. The French brasserie and rustique serves up chef Vincenzo Betulia’s recipe for Oeufs Mimosa, a seafaring spin on the deviled egg, served with braised octopus, Napa cabbage and cumin vinaigrette.

Where else are deviled eggs making a comeback? On the menu at Bricktop’s, the Deviled Eggs and Millionaire’s Bacon takes a sugary Peeps-esque turn that is fitting for the season. It adds simple syrup and sweet relish to the traditional yolks and mayo mixture, then further sweetens the plate with candied brown sugar bacon.

HobNob Kitchen + Bar  gives new meaning to Bacon & Eggs with spicy tomato jam and bits of candied bacon atop its sriracha-laced filling. So well loved, the recipe migrated also to menus at the owners’ Midtown Kitchen + Bar and Public House.

Hilton Marco Island Beach Resort’s The Deck at 560  uses pickled-pink eggs and garnishes of smoked fish, fresh herbs, lime caviar, and scallion curls, served on a bed of fried spun potatoes. For the ultimate exotic egg, try this trick from The French: Top with braised octopus  and serve on a bed of napa cabbage in cumin vinaigrette.

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