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Care to See the iPad?

An iPad application called SmartCellar could possibly revolutionize the process of choosing wine in a restaurant.

The Accidental Distiller

It's a long road from economic development consulting to craft distilling, but for Brian Ellison the transition has been seamless.

Gary Regan Speaks Out

One of the key figures in the cocktail renaissance gives his views on the role of the bartender

Alcohol and Civil Rights

Is there a Consititutional right to equally priced drinks? Self-style "anti-feminist lawyer" Roy Den Hollander thinks so.

Casanova di Neri

Building on the estate inherited from his father, Giacomo Neri is turning out some of the best Brunello on the planet.

WHat's In A Name?

Increasingly, vintners are taking to the courts to protect their brand names.

Tony Soter

After selling Etude to Beringer, Soter is making Pinot Noir in his home state.

Markus Molitor

Adhering to tradition, a young Mosel winemaker crafts wines that reveal a sense of place

Pinot Noir

A tsunami of fake Pinot Noir is coming from the south of France

Inflight Cocktails

Airlines are trying to outdo each other in their selection of designer cocktails at 30,000 feet

What's Wrong with Bordeaux?

Bordeaux producers are scrambling to make their wines more appealing to a new generation. Are they on the right track?

A Modest Proposal

In Pennsylvania, state-owned machines are analyzing your breath. What's next?

Are Women Better Tasters?

Do women really have a more highly developed sensory apparatus, or are they simply able to suspend judgement longer than men?

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