Drive-By Workouts with John Skokna

Keep your eyes peeled for the mobile Skokna Strength Performance Unit at parks, driveways, and sports fields near you

Skokna Strength Performance Unit, John Skokna
Photos courtesy of John Skokna

Ever wanted the gym to come to you? Thanks to COVID-19, certified personal trainer John Skokna started a mobile gym using a customized trailer. He takes his Skokna Strength Performance Unit to parks, driveways, and sports fields, where it folds out into a training area with squat racks, kettlebells, pull-up bars, and more. “Anything you can think of that you’d have in a gym can be found in my trailer,” Skokna explains. He believes the trailer can continue to help people meet their workout goals even as life and fitness return to normal after the pandemic.

Skokna Strength Performance Unit in a Naples park

Besides removing the stress of finding time for a trip to the gym, the trailer lets you exercise outdoors, providing fresh air and vitamin D. Everything is sanitized after the previous person or group, and Skokna’s personalized attention ensures proper form to avoid injury and to give you the foundation to return to a gym when you choose to. “Whatever your goals are, those are my goals,” he notes. “Both physically and health-wise, I’ll meet you wherever you’re at.” 

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