Expert Tips for the Optimal Photo Op

    Audrey Snow Owen, owner of Audrey Snow Photography in Naples, offers her best tricks to get the best shot

    Photos are vital in capturing precious holiday moments. To snap the best pictures, follow these tricks from Audrey Snow Owen, owner of Audrey Snow Photography in Naples.

    Photo by Audrey Snow

    Go for the Golden Hour: The last hour of daylight is immensely flattering, as is early morning light. Avoid harsh midday sun that keeps everyone squinting. Be wary of standing in front of a sunset, too. “The phone [camera] is trying to focus on the sun and is not worried about light on faces,” says Owen. During sundown, tap the subject’s face on your phone screen to give it more light exposure. To achieve a lovely, diluted glow, the photographer should have his or her back toward the sun.

    You’re on Candid Camera: Owen suggests focusing a photo shoot around an activity at home, such as cookie decorating, because you’re in a natural environment. Get kids to say silly things, like “Cookies, pleeeease!” That “ee” sound translates into smiles for everyone. Hold your smartphone’s home button to take pics in burst mode, then go back and choose the perfect image.

    Light up the Night: To combat the dark, use someone’s phone flashlight as additional light. “If you have someone holding their phone off to the side using the flashlight feature, the photo looks less flat and more dynamic,” says Owen. This trick will work wonders when you’re taking a picture of your New Year’s Champagne toast.

    Print to Impress: Upscale printing services can take photos to the next level. Owen loves Artifact Uprising for its gorgeous calendar layouts and bound lay-flat albums made from recycled fibers. Paper Culture, a carbon-neutral printer, offers whimsical gifts like a photo memory game and coasters, and plants a tree with every order.

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