Fashion Meets Art at this Mash-Up Boutique

Photography by Michael Caronchi

Upon entering Casanova Fashion and Art in the Village on Venetian Bay, Naples, one can’t help but wonder: Is this a fashion boutique or an art gallery? It’s actually two businesses under one roof, owned by Keith Davison and Marina Montmorency, the husband-and-wife team who first began mixing art with fashion 13 years ago.
Behind door number one is Casanova Art. When you wander through the aisles of whimsy, curiosity guides you through a labyrinth of glass, Venetian masks, gilded mirrors, one-of-a-kind artworks, and chuckling clowns made of blown Murano glass that give a nod to childhood memories.

“When I visit Italy once or twice a year, I travel to the manufacturers’ showrooms and when I see a piece that is exceptional, I purchase it without hesitation,” Davison says. “I buy from 40 glass blowers, most from Murano; in Venice, I have seven jewelry makers and five families who make my Venetian masks.”

Entering the world of art and glass after 35 years as a real estate broker may seem like an unusual pivot, but not to Davison. “I feel lucky to be able to bring beauty to my customers from my favorite place in the world, Italy,” he says.

Proceed through a narrow hallway to the left of the art gallery and enter door number two: Casanova Fashion. Born in Torina, Italy, Montmorency is an ardent supporter of a healthy lifestyle, which is reflected in the clothing she sells. “I am very organic when searching for products, buying natural fabrics and eco-friendly materials that create classic and elegant styles.”

In fact, most of the clothing in the store is made from 100-percent cotton, perfect for the balmy Naples climate.

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