Fashion that Flatters

Buffie Boucher-Martin Photo Credits: Michael Caronchi

This fall, many will re-evaluate their wardrobe before the social season shifts into full swing. Whether you do it yourself or turn to the guidance of a stylist, it’s time to get started.We asked two expert stylists at Marissa Collections, who have been dressing Naples’ fashionistas for more than two decades, to share the biggest fashion faux pas women make and how to avoid them. Buffie Boucher-Martin grew up in town and started her fashion career at the now-closed Maison Blanche in Naples before moving on to Marissa’s. Beth Petersen’s fashion merchandising background led her everywhere from London to Los Angeles before settling in town. Consider their advice for making fashion decisions that better flatter your figure.

Mistake #1: Limiting your view of what’s possible

Women often restrict themselves too much when it comes to styles and colors. For example, someone might say they can’t wear certain colors because they’re a “summer” or “winter” type. Boucher-Martin says that idea is simply outdated. “The key is to incorporate small changes into your wardrobe,” she explains. “For example, chartreuse is not the best color for me, but I can wear a black top and a chartreuse necklace, and it looks great.”

Mistake #2: Skipping the alteration when buying off the rack

Beth Petersen

Though you may think you can always just buy something off the rack and be done, the experts say not so fast. “You need to keep in mind that designers have fit models, and not everyone’s body is that particular type,” Petersen says. “Tailoring makes all the difference in how an outfit looks; lowering the hem, raising the neckline, taking in the shoulder… altering a garment is what makes it couture, and really made for you.”

Mistake #3: Overlooking the importance of accessories

“I see so many women wearing outdated glasses that make them look ancient,” Boucher-Martin says. “Your eyewear and other accessories are just as important as your hair when it comes to making a look, and you need to keep them fresh and modern.” Some of the biggest faux pas are buying a new dress, only to pair it with an old shoe, and buying a designer monogram bag to wear with everything. “If you’re at an evening event and bring in a large day bag, it’s better to leave it at home and have no bag at all than to wear the wrong one‚” Boucher Martin says.

Mistake #4: Hanging onto everything in your closet

Go through your closet and toss out items you no longer wear and update pieces you can’t bear to part with. “I work with several clients, affluent people who can afford to buy new things, but I go into their closets and they have the same old‚ worn-out shoes from years ago‚” Petersen says. “If you have something classic or vintage, like a nice little Chanel jacket you haven’t worn in years, bring it in and alter it a little. Style it, and old becomes new again.”



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