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Peace of mind with Fido or Fluffy is never farther away than your smartphone with the American Red Cross Pet First Aid app, which includes everything from step-by-step video guides to help you through common health emergencies, including CPR and dealing with toxins, to fun interactive quizzes. Traveling with your pet this summer? Use the app to find the nearest pet-friendly hotel or vet hospital.

Pet Apps - Apps to Keep your Pet Safe - Tagg, Pet Tracker - American Red Cross Pet First Aid app

   Meanwhile, if you wonder what your pet is up to while you are away, the Tagg system can show you. The small GPS-enabled gadget turns a collar into a tracking device, allowing you to see exactly where your fuzzy friends are 24/7 on a computer or mobile phone. One in three pets gets lost during its lifetime; if your pet leaves the safe area you define, an alert goes out over text or email. More than just a tracking system, Tagg also monitors activity, so you can see if your pet is getting enough exercise or just snoozing the day away!

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