Frosty Fare

The scoop on ice cream

Cesibon Gelato&SorbetIn Naples, it’s usually warm enough to enjoy ice cream year-round. Satisfy dessert cravings at these new or off-the-beaten-path spots:

Despite being in business since 2007, Cesibon is one of the best-kept secrets in town. The owners specialize in artisan gelato made using whole milk and fresh fruit, with a low amount of air and fat. Sixteen gelato flavors include gluten-free tiramisu, and there are a dozen sorbets that are also gluten-, fat-, and sugar-free.

naples-ice-cream-shoppeThe newest spot to snag a frozen treat is the Naples Ice Cream Shoppe. Owner  Jennifer Bopp uses premium, hand-packed Ice Cream Club products as the foundation for her hand-crafted “sundaewiches,” sundaes in a sandwich such as the Banana Splitwich, Fudgewich, or Peanut Butter Overload.

For a unique experience, head over to Vampire Penguin, which advertises “shaved snow magic.” According to owner Angie Herrington, a proprietary family recipe is mixed with filtered water and ice, then frozen to 40 degrees below zero; when shaved, the texture is creamy, light, and fluffy at the same time. A 12-ounce serving contains 50-70 calories and 10-14 grams of sugar, and toppings range from sweet and syrupy to fresh fruit.

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