Game On with TidalBall

TidalBall is an innovative new beach sport making waves across the Paradise Coast


Put down your beach read and pump up the fun quotient of your next trip to the sand with an innovative beach diversion designed to encourage interaction, amusement, and a little healthy competition.

Born on Folly Beach in South Carolina, TidalBall was created by a group of friends who were fed up with heavy and expensive beach games. After fellow beachgoers kept asking to buy their handmade set, the friends decided it was time to share their creation with the world.

TidalBall setupTidalBall can be played anywhere there’s sand and, according to Chad Brophy, the company’s co-owner, “combines the competition of cornhole, the ease of bocce ball, and the portability of a turkey sandwich.” The provided shovel is used to create a scoring area with two holes and two trenches behind the holes to catch balls. Four players, split into two teams, then alternate tosses. If the ball lands in the hole, it’s 3 points, and if it’s in the trench, it’s 1 point. First team to reach 21 wins. Weighing only 8 ounces, TidalBall is an easy addition to your beach bag accoutrements.

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