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Trying to find the perfect song for your run or powerwalk? Music that’s too fast or too slow can throw off your stride, and that’s where the TempoRun app ($.99) comes in. It takes all the music on your iPhone and categorizes each song based on its tempo. Want to listen to new tunes? You can also stream the apps tempo radio to discover songs that suit your pace. The perfect run is only a synchronized song away. TempoRun is available at iTunes.

One of the top physical activities in Naples is golf. Golfshot (free) gives golfers the ability to see (and plan) their shot before they swing. Forget relying on posted yardage, the GPS-enabled app provides detailed, accurate information for more than 40,000 courses and 500,000 holes worldwide. With a few taps, pull up satellite imagery of each hole with the ability to pan and zoom. Added features include a score card for up to four and stats in the palm of your hand. Golfshot is available for iPhone and Android.

A proper sleep regiment is an important part of staying fit. If you’re having trouble dozing off at night, then Sleep Pillow ($1.99) may help you get to slumber, faster. The app, designed for iPhone and iPad users, can play more than 70 ambient sounds, including bubbles, a crackling fireplace and even a heartbeat—all specifically enhanced to relax you. You can pair the sounds to crate your own mix, plus there’s a sleep timer and alarm clock. Get ready to count fewer sheep and get more sleep! Sleep Pillow is available at iTunes.


Runkeeper - tracking app for runners - Get Fit NaplesMake sticking to your fitness regiment easier with Runkeeper (free). The mobile app tracks your workouts, including distance and calories burned, and keeps a log of your progress. Simply choose from about a dozen types of workouts (or add your own), put in the time or upload a map and then get moving. The app can also create workouts based on your fitness goal, workout frequency and skill level. How’s that for motivation? RunKeeper is available for iPhone and Android.

In the spirit of philanthropy, the Charity Mile app (free) allows users to keep tabs on how many miles they’ve biked, walked or run raising money for their charity of choice. As you move, the app tracks your distance and calculates how much money you have earned: 10 cents per miles biked and 25 cents per miles walked and ran. All donations come courtesy of Charity Miles corporate partners. Charity Mile is available for iPhone and Android.


Vitogo - tracking app for exercise and fitnessEver wish your personal trainer was your constant companion? With Vitogo ($.99),  you can reap the benefits of a personal trainer day or night. After you enter your gender, fitness experience and goals, the app creates a long-term workout program tailored to your needs. Each exercise includes instructions, photos and videos; as you progress, so does your workout. Vitogo tracks your progress and rewards you for achieving goals, which you can then share (i.e. brag) with your friends. Vitogo is available at iTunes.

Already a good eater but get tripped up when reading labels at the grocery store? Wish you could rub a bronzed lamp and out would pop a genie to grant you a nutritionist to guide you through the aisle minefield? With Fooducate (free), that expert resides in your smartphone. Scan any barcode, and Fooducate reveals all the details about a product the manufacturer might not want you to notice, such as high levels of sugar, additives and preservatives. Based on its contents, each product is graded on a scale of A to D. You can also compare packaged goods, allowing you to make ideal choices when it comes to your diet. Now that’s something worth wishing for. Fooducate is available for iPhone and Android.


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