Global Groceries

Looking to spice up your kitchen and expand your palate? Naples offers a wide variety of local markets focused on authentic international groceries and cuisine. If you have questions about what to buy or how to prepare it, the best solution is to ask. Almost always, the staff will be happy to share recipes with you. Here are several stores to consider on your next grocery run.

1. Naples Asian Market

Since 2002, Manho Kim and his family have been importing a vast selection of specialty groceries and cookware from across Southeast Asia. The market focuses on produce, meats, sake, and prepared foods, and carries more than 10,000 items from Japan, Korea, China, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam. (239-300-1533)

2. European Food Market

Polish cuisine takes center stage at Elzbieta and Henryk Popielarz’s emporium of pierogies, kielbasa, herring, and smoked fish. Elzbieta makes all the prepared food from scratch. (Don’t miss her stuffed cabbage with rice, pork, and fried onions.) The couple loves to give recipe suggestions to customers and encourage visitors to try samples of homemade Polish delicacies they may not be familiar with. (239-254-7855)

3. Pepper’s

Craving a slice of Black Forest cake, some authentic German rye, or an assortment of lovingly prepared sausages? Georg and Heike Horndler both studied in Germany; he’s a certified master butcher, while Heike focuses on the preparation and sale of meats. Their products are handmade with no fillers or preservatives, and their menu of prepared foods changes daily. Highlights include German and Nuernberger bratwurst, veal and pork schnitzel, beef goulash, Lander bread, and cakes such as poppy seed (mohnkuchen) and apple crumble (apfel streusel). (239-643-2008)

4. The Neapolitan Gourmet

Originally from New York, chef Vincent Igneri has been specializing in the cooking of the other Naples (the one at the southern tip of the Italian boot) since 1996. His inventory includes fresh pasta and mozzarella; prepared sauces (pesto, marinara, alfredo, and alla vodka); imported cheeses (authentic Parmigiano-Reggiano, Locatelli Pecorino Romano, Gorgonzola, and fontina); cold cuts (imported Prosciutto di Parma, San Daniele and Cittero salami, hot capicola, and bresaola); antipasti; and a selection of prepared food to go. If you’re tired of cooking at holiday time, he’ll make a complete feast for you and your family. (239-594-8285)

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