Go to It

  Everyone has a “go-to” list of some sort—of favorite shops, restaurants and people to call.  Here are some related to living in paradise.

1.  Chicken soup. Bob and I are almost never ill, but if a bug happens to catch up with either of us, we require chicken soup. Our absolute go-to destination is Whole Foods for the freshly made soup aisle. Whole Foods offers a wonderful assortment of great soups, but our favorite is the Chicken Florentine. It is even better than my mother’s chicken soup. Smelling it in the car on the way home is healing. 

2.  Golf attire. I discovered Spike’s Golf & Casual, located in the same strip mall as Naples Tomato, and my frustrations over finding stylish golf attire ended. Owners Patrick and Stacey Podolski carry a fabulous line of Ralph Lauren Golf attire that’s more extensive than at the Ralph Lauren store at Waterside Shops. Spike’s also carries numerous European designs in clothing and shoes that are fashion-forward and not found anywhere else in the area.  

3.  Fancy soaps and great gifts.  Bob and both have come to love French and Italian soaps as they smell terrific and last a long time. Gattle’s on Third Street is one source for Rancé Italian soaps and a vast selection of wedding and birthday gifts. I still love to go there, but now I have another choice, which happens to be closer to home—ncolor {salon + boutique 2}. ncolor now also carries Rancé soaps and a French soap I have come to like even better, Royal Incense by Seda France. In addition, the boutique carries several gift items, including serving pieces, candles and jewelry.

4.  Place to take out-of-town guests. Whenever we have guests who have never been to Naples, our adventure for them is an afternoon or evening cruise on the Naples Princess. Reserve this for guests you want to see again, because after the cruise, they usually want to move here. We have been to wedding rehearsal dinners and charity events aboard this boat, and I want to spread the word about this lovely hidden treasure.

  I have more items on my go-to list—maybe next time. 

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