Hairstyle Advice from a Pro

Finding the right do to match the look can be difficult. Luckily, we have you covered. Here, we decipher the hottest hairstyles straight from the runway and give some hairstyling tips for women on the go.


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Philip Dougas Shares Three Hairstyle Trends Inspired by The Fashion Runways:

  • When it comes to color, rich titian hues, amber browns and buttery soft blondes are dominating this season.
  • Textured layers just past the shoulder with a long, side-swept fringe plus a boost of sexy volume are the way to go if you have long locks.
  • Shorter styles are also on trend in close silhouettes with bold colors and strong sculp-tured lines.


Hair Styles in a Hurry

Time-pressed women can still look effortlessly chic at any social gathering. Hair and makeup expert Philip Douglas, who helps make Neapolitans beautiful in his eponymous salon, shares some quick fixes for last-minute styling.

Long Hair:  Spray dry shampoo generously into the roots of your hair, then lightly tease all over with a bit more in the crown. Then rake your fingers over your hair to slightly smooth and tame the hair. Arrange with a diagonal part, sweep a low fringe and tuck behind your ears. Next make a loose, low, swept-to-the-side braid. The look is great for day or night.

Short Hair: Lightly tease your locks in the crown area with a small brush, then place your hand on your head, using your palm to rotate in firm circles in different directions. This will give your hair a very tousled look. Finish with pomade; massage a little into the palm of your hands, then gently work into hair and place pieces to create a soft, unstructured look.


Choosing the right hair brush for your hair - Hair styling tips from Philip Douglas - advice from a styling professional

Tools of the Trade

When it comes to luxurious locks, the right brush goes a long way. Here, Philip Douglas gives us some practical advice on choosing the hairbrush for your tresses.

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