High-Tech Health: Health & Nutrition Apps

Consider these three health and nutrition apps, which are designed to help you make more conscious decisions about what you eat and how much water you drink.

Fooducate - Healthy Diet Apps - Mood Food



Best for … making healthy choices at the supermarket.

While you’ll find countless apps that can track calories, Fooducate goes beyond the basics. The smartphone app helps you learn what’s really in your food by simply scanning the barcode and seeing how each product measures up on a grading scale of A to D. It ranks products (food and beverages) based on their ingredient list, so nutrient-dense foods receive As and Bs, while processed foods score lower grades. The app will even grade your eating habits based on an average of your daily choices.

Waterlogged - Health & Nutrition Apps - Mood Food - Healthy Diet for a Healthy Mind


Best for … tracking your water intake.

Think you drink enough water? Most people need a minimum of eight glasses a day but few achieve it.  With Waterlogged, you can make sure to get your fill. First, set your daily water goal and what time you want the app to remind you. Then log how much you drink and watch as the app’s virtual water bottle fills up to meet your daily quota. You can also monitor your weekly and monthly progress to stay on track.

Foodle - Food and Diet App - Food and Nutrition Apps -


Best for … discovering amounts of nutrients in food.

A virtual database of nutrition, Foodle offers detailed information on more than 8,500 foods, including fruits, dairy, grains, meats, vegetables, and more, allowing you to see the exact amount of each nutrient in your food, along with the percent of your daily nutrition requirements they fulfill. You can also create lists of your favorites based on specific vitamins and minerals

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