Holiday Tablescapes

This black-and-white themed Halloween table entertains with its spooky eyes, ravens, chocolate-filled coffin favors, skull salt-and-pepper shakers, sassy plates, and more than the eye can see.
Photography by Jessica James

Spooky Nights

Designed by Rufino Hernandez and Jessica James,
Garden District of Naples

When celebrating this day of ghosts and goblins, break the rules and let your imagination run wild. That’s what Garden District illustrates with this hauntingly fun feast for the eyes. The centerpiece is a large candelabra, filled with white hybrid roses, carnations, large eyeballs, and wing-flapping ravens. Dining chairs are wrapped in gauze, punctuated by swirling ghost eyes, to resemble a mummy. On the table, the exquisite attention to detail spills over with individual skull salt-and-pepper shakers, chocolate-filled coffin guest favors, and teasing plates with phrases like, “Let’s get wicked” and “Stay for the spell.” The candles, which emit a warm glow, are wrapped in harlequin ribbon to coordinate with the napkins. For a more dramatic ambience, the table’s backdrop is elegantly lit in an orange hue by Lightworks Stage Productions.

Plumes of pampas grass illustrate the harvest on this Thanksgiving table. The antlers are a symbol of renewal, just like the deer that shed their antlers and grow new ones.

Giving Thanks

Designed by Steven Bowles, Steven Bowles Creative

Step back into nature with this unique Thanksgiving vignette inspired by the elements (earth, fire, water, and air) that make up the lives we treasure. “We celebrate the holiday with family and friends, and they are real treasures, but the reason we are here are the elements of life,” says designer Steven Bowles. Shades of teal represent water, copper embodies fire, and potted plants dotting the table symbolize earth and growth. Velvet pumpkins are the seating assignments, doubling as favors, while mini acorn-shaped salt-and-pepper shakers and a small cutting board are the bread plates for each guest. Not to be missed are the feathers adorning the velvet pumpkins, which add a spiritual element and a nod to loved ones who are missed and never forgotten. “They say when you find a feather it’s often a spirit or someone from your past who has gone on, and it’s letting you know they’re an angel,” Bowles says.

Dream Vision

Designed by Matthew Huddleston and Louis Boutier,
50Fifty Creative Services

Showcasing an explosion of ethereal wonder in multiple shades of green, 50Fifty Creative Services drew inspiration for this magical Christmas vignette from Naples’ lush environment. “We wanted a natural feel, like you stepped into a conservatory, so you have the door frame and plant stands packed with Christmas elements,” says Matthew Huddleston. The dream-like design envisions Christmas bursting through the ceiling and magic pouring in, the same sense of wonder that children have as they anticipate Santa coming down the chimney with an overflowing bag of presents slung over his shoulder. Oversized ornament balls are everywhere amid a backdrop of native foliage like elephant ears and snake plants. “It encourages people not to be afraid to be outside for Christmas, like having dinners outside on the terrace,” Huddleston says. “You can bring the candlelight and sparkle and it still feels like Christmas, but our idea of Christmas in Naples.”

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