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In grade school, we delighted in imprinting our names on T-shirts, lunchboxes and whatever we could get our hands on. Graduating to adulthood, that longing didn’t go away, but we sought newer and better ways to do it. Putting the mono back in monogram is Laura Melges and her unique products that feature inventive and highly personalized designs. She started her business in Harbor Springs, Michigan, and has branched out by creating a pop-up shop in the home-goods store Garden District. Such boutiques within boutiques have taken the country by storm, and Monogram Goods’ display will be here through the middle of May. Melges adorns unexpected items, like beaded clutches, as well as the expected (beach towels, napkins, tote bags). She’ll do just about anything: an insignia based on a seashell motif, or, say, a boxy pattern with five hues. And you get satisfaction in knowing it’s all yours.

Monogram Goods - Garden District of Naples - personalized fashion

Monogram Goods - personalized fashion - pop up shop - Naples

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