The Butcher Shop Steak House Hybrid that is a Carnivore’s Paradise

When you have to walk through a butcher shop to get to a steak house, you know you’re a carnivore in the right place. As the adjunct to a family-owned butchering business, Jimmy P’s Charred specializes in Australian Wagyu beef that is rubbed with a proprietary blend of garlic and Worcestershire, then grilled at 1,200 degrees. “Wagyu has more marbling than other types of beef,” explains owner Jimmy Pepper. “You get a more intense flavor along with a unique, buttery texture.” Customers can pair their filet mignon with a choice of sauces, such as the classic Oscar: béarnaise studded with lumps of colossal blue crab and garnished with roasted garlic. Savor this specialty and more at the original Naples location or the new Jimmy P’s Charred in Bonita Springs, which opened in February.

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