Joey Lollipops

Pazzo! wins prestigious cocktail award

joeylollipops Pazzo! On Fifth Avenue South, which celebrated its 25th anniversary in business this year, has been honored by Restaurant Hospitality magazine for serving one of the Top Ten Cocktails of 2020.

The drink in question, Joey Lollipops, was created by bar manager Peggy Feldon. The name is a reference to a fictional mafia character on the television show “Columbo,” Joey Carna, who was nicknamed Junior Lollipops because his father owned the restaurant Lolly’s in Brooklyn. It’s a humorous reference for a harmonious drink that fits in a fine Italian restaurant.

Ms. Feldon invented the award-winning cocktail recipe starting with jalapeño infused silvertequila and adding Sicilian orange liqueur, prickly pear, and agave syrup. “The tequila has spice, but it’s calmed by the orange liqueur from Sicily, the prickly pear and agave syrup,” she explains.  The libation is served in a glass with a salted rim and a Dum Dum lollipop for a pop of sweetness. According to her, craft cocktails at Pazzo! are all about reliving Italian traditions.

With a nearly 100-year history, Restaurant Hospitality has the largest, most qualified and highly engaged audience across the independent restaurant segment that makes up the bulk of the $800 billion foodservice industry in the United States. The accolade is a significant achievement for Pazzo!


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