Key Lime Fun: Gin Rickey

The gin Rickey stems from the venerable Shoomaker’s, one of the true legendary Washington D.C. gilded-age watering holes that fell to the onset of Prohibition. Located on Pennsylvania Avenue, Shoomaker’s was a popular spot for politicians, journalists and the men-about-town of the day, among them, Colonel Joe Rickey. A man known to enjoy his drink, an enterprising Shoomaker’s bartender presented the gin cocktail to the Colonel, who was overseen enjoying the tipple, leading to patrons ordering the “Joe Rickey drink.” The name stuck, and the rest, as they say, is history.

   The genius of the Rickey is its simplicity: just gin, lime and club soda. Its also a very refreshing tipple, the perfect sip for those sultry South Florida afternoons. To make this an even more Florida-centric sip, we’re substituting the lime for Key lime, giving the Rickey just a bit more bite. Enjoy!

Gin Rickey recipe with Key lime juice - Key Lime Recipes

The Gin Rickey

Squeeze Key lime juice into a Collins glass filled with ice. Add gin and lime, top with club soda and enjoy.



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